Onion Fayre Quiz

  1. How many churches and chapels does the Newent Cycling Loop directly pass? – On the full loop 6 and additional 2 if shortcut is counted
  2. As well as a café, Bromsberrow Community Shop also contains a branch of what? РA Post Office
  3. In which century was St Mary’s Church, Kempley built? – 12th
  4. Which other local cycling route shares a section of the Newent Cycling Loop? – Ledbury Loop
  5. Where on the Newent Cycling Loop do you pass through a Chartist community? – Lowbands
  6. At which chapel on the Newent Cycling Loop did Donny Osmond sing a hymn in 2008? РGadfield Elm
  7. What is the closest National Cycle route to the Newent Cycling Loop? – 45
  8. Where on the Newent Cycling Loop can you see a stone bee shelter? – Hartpury
  9. What wild flower would you expect to see at Gwen and Vera’s Fields in March? – Daffodils
  10. Travelling at 14 mph, how long would it take to cycle the full Newent Cycling Loop? – 2 hours
  11. Where on the Newent Cycling Loop can you see an exhibition on the Dymock Poets? – Garland Hut (or St Mary’s Dymock though not strictly speaking on the loop)
  12. Starting in Newent, where would you leave the Newent Cycling Loop for the 19 mile short route? – Redmarley

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